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Eat, Sleep, Travel, Sing

That's been the definition of the last 22 days for the University Singers (which for me is absolute perfection). Being on this tour has allowed myself and the other singers to create new bonds of friendship and memories that will undoubtably last a lifetime. We are not letting ourselves be nostalgic about what has come and gone, however, because we still have so much left to see and experience!

After we left Los Angeles/Anaheim, we headed north to Lompoc to perform at the Lompoc United Methodist Church. Then San Lorenzo was calling our name, so we headed up the west coast further. In our adventure to Burney, California the day after, we were able to have a sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, however due to time restraints, we weren't able to stop and take pictures of it. After Burney, we entered into Oregon, going to the quaint town of Brookings, which was beautiful as it was on the Pacific coast! In fact, during intermission of our concert there, we went outside to watch the sun set over the ocean.

Yesterday, John, our fabulous bus driver, took us through the mountains to get us up to Crater Lake, a beautiful reflecting lake that still had snow on the mountains around it. It was really strange walking around in t-shirts and capris (or shorts) in 66 degree weather but snow on the ground! We then traveled to Bend, Oregon to perform at the Trinity Episcopal Church. Today, we go to Salem, where President DiBiasio and the First Lady will be in attendance!

We are halfway through our tour. It has seemed like both a long time and a short time since we left little Ada, Ohio to see this beautiful nation that we live in. Thanks to those that served in the armed forces to allow our freedom. The University Singers' hearts go out to you! Happy belated Memorial Day!