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And We're Off to Vegas!

Thank you to the people of Tuscon, Arizona, who waited 45 minutes after our concert was supposed to start and were so supportive of us even if we were performing in our street clothes! Our bus breakdown was only minor and we were able to get it back (with our fabulous driver, John) the next day. From Tuscon, we headed to Phoenix, getting the opportunity to see the really big iconic cacti and perform at Cross in the Desert Methodist Church.

Yesterday, we then headed to Sedona, Arizona, a town in the middle of lots of red rocks. We ate a picnic lunch at a local park and had several hours to explore and take great pictures! Sedona United Methodist Church was only a short ways from there and we got to perform with the sunset coming in through the windows of the sanctuary. It was an absolutely gorgeous place and one that I personally will be headed back to at some point in the future.

Today is a day of adventures! We are headed to the Grand Canyon for several hours of sight-seeing and hiking. Then we are headed to Sin City- Las Vegas! There are several singers that are already planning on what shows they want to see, but unfortunately you all won't know what we do because "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."