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Recap of the First Eleven Days

It's crazy that it's only been eleven days since we left Ohio Northern for our 43-day National Tour! In that time, we have been in 10 states, traveled around 2,700 miles, and made countless memories.

As many have asked us, we have had our tensions with others when we come to realization that we will be with 40 of our closest friends for 43 days for the majority of the day. While we learn about each other's quirks, we also learn about what acts as a stressor for each individual. There have been times of tension, but we are reminded by each concert that we all are together to share in the same passions for music and that is the bond that holds us together.

Over the last several days, we visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, had an early morning jam fest and chuck-wagon breakfast in Ozona, and didn't get abducted by aliens in Roswell. Tonight, we are [supposed to be] performing in Tuscan, Arizona. I say supposed to because unfortunately we have had our first (and hopefully last) bus breakdown of the tour roughly 60 miles outside of Tuscan. Here's to more adventures and praying we make it to Tuscan in time to sing!