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Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia

We have had an exciting Day 2 and beginning of Day 3 of our trip! Yesterday, we visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and took a tour down in the cave. We were even able to sing down in one of the sitting areas of the cave! 

We sang at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church last night with a guest appearance by the Music City Chorus, who will be competing in an international music competition this summer in Nashville! 

This morning, after leaving the church, we headed to downtown Nashville to visit the Barbershop Harmony Society. We got a tour of the building, the history of the organization, and got to sing in their space that had great acoustics! Tonight we will be singing at the Alpharetta Presbyterian Church featuring the Alpharetta Church Choir in Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal.

Check out our Facebook group, ONU 2016 National Tour, to see more pictures and candids from the singers!