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Celebrated Scholar and Film Consultant Delivers Talk at ONU

Renowned scholar, Dr. Jack Shaheen on addressed stereotypical images of Arabs and Muslims in Hollywood films. His presentation drew from his seminal book Reel Bad Arabsand the documentary of the same name. Dr. Shaheen’s analysis was both timely and relevant given recent events taking place across the world.

Dr. Shaheen is the world's foremost authority on images of Arabs and Muslims in American popular culture. He is the author of several award winning books including Reel Bad Arabs and most recently, GUILTY: Hollywood's Verdict on Arabs after 9/11. Shaheen regularly serves as a consultant with TV and motion picture companies such as DreamWorks, Showtime, Hanna-Barbera, and Warner Bros. In recent years, he has consulted on the films Three Kings and Syriana. During his talk, he told the audience of the genesis of his work, and the attention, both good and bad, that it had brought him.

During the day, Dr. Shaheen also talked to Dr. Alexander's War and Film class.

The event was sponsored by Pi Sigma Alpha, C.A.S.E. and the ONU Prison Management Certificate program. April 11th also marked ONU’s annual Multi-cultural Fair. Dr. Shaheen’s presentation was an excellent way to conclude those activities.

Dr. Robert Alexander, who introduced the author, had read Shaheen's work and was the motivating force behind bringing the scholar to campus.

Well done Dr. Alexander for providing ONU students, faculty, staff, and administration with a super event sure to provoke thought and discussion!