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Playing Catch(up)

Wow these last three weeks have been a whirlwind!

I'm not only a blogger for the Office of Admissions, I'm also an overnight host and last weekend and the one before that, I hosted two great guys, who I hope will end up making ONU their home for four years. The first guy, Jim, was hilarious and I can already see he'd make tons of friends on this campus. The second guy, Garrett, was also really cool and smart to boot! I could really see him thriving in ONU's academic environment and also on the social scene, as he already seemed interested in a number of groups on campus. My job is basically to give these guys a place to stay for a night, and show them what it's like to be a student at ONU and to live in Ada. Usually I try to keep it fun but I'm still a student so occasionally they have to watch me study (sorry Jim!).

I'm going to be doing some videos soon with kind of that same goal, to give blog readers and incoming students a real, barely edited look into what going to Northern is really like. Be excited. Also, I'm going to try to interview some Polar Bears in varying stages of their college careers, and see what they think about being here. This should get really interesting. So stay tuned!