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On Admission to College

Yowzers! I haven't blogged in a while.

I have heard that if you get accepted into college, it must mean you’re smart. And if you don’t get accepted, it must mean that you are dumb. You know they say about athletes that, "If you're athletic, you're athletic. It doesn't matter what sport you play." Well I think the same is true for college students. I mean sure, not everyone's a studio artist or an opera singer but those things take loads of specialization, like any sport, and for the most part the starting block for college is creativity.

That's one of the first lessons I learned here at Northern. You never know what a person can do when they put their mind to it. I've seen graphic design students create beautiful and functional web sites, and I've seen art students excel in music.  But I've also seen tech students build robots one day and sing Arvo Part the next. And you know the funny thing? They were good!

But these were smart kids to begin with, I mean-they got in here didn't they? Wrong. You don't get into college because you're smart, that's dumb. You get into college because you apply, visit, then you interview and then you're accepted.  But couldn't acceptance be validation of how smart you are? No. Again, dumb.

Acceptance into a college or university means that someone in the admissions office who knows the culture and type of education of that particular institution, thinks you might be a good fit. And they take a chance on you, pitting their reputation against your success [or at least retention ;)] and send you a letter. But even more than that, getting into college is an acknowledgement of your efforts, your will to continue learning and your commitment to becoming more knowledgeable each new day than you were the day before. And maybe, just maybe if you put your mind to it, you can succeed!