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A President That Does Pushups?

When I first became a student at Ohio Northern, many moons ago, our slogan was something like "Large enough to challenge, Small enough to care." I remember looking at it and thinking "What worthless marketing dribble. What does that even mean?" But as I have been here and especially over these last few years, I have seen that slogan come alive in many different ways. 

Last night was the Student Senate Coffeehouse with President Baker and it was just one other reason why this school rocks! How many schools can you name that have the president of the entire university answer student questions about what is going on with the school, in an intimate setting for an hour and a half? Dr. Baker answered any question we could think up. From the school budget, to new buildings and programming, and even to how he can do so many pushups at a football game ( you have to see it to believe it!), Dr. Baker was more than honest with us students. He was also highly knowledgeable about everything going on around campus, and he gave us facts that we needed to answer some tough questions. 

I know quite a few students at other colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and no where have I heard of a president and his wife who give more attnetion to their school. The Bakers do a great job of making this place feel homey. Maybe one day you'll have the chance to experience it? :)