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So this weekend was Homecoming weekend and I have to say it is one of my favorie times to be a polar bear! The air is crisp, the fountains are orange and there's free food all over the place. I've been very involved in homecoming activities since my freshman year. I love going to the game (which we won, GO BEARS!) and meeting all of the alumni who return for the weekend. This year, at the Black Student Union Alumni Soul Food dinner I had the chance to meet the alum who maintained the BSU before I got here! I had talked to her once before over the phone back in my sophomore year, when I was president of BSU. She gave a ton of great advice that helped me with the organization and got me through a couple of rough spots. It was great to see her in person and make that connection. Also, we had ribs. Be jealous ;)

There were also fireworks Saturday night and the homecoming dance was Friday. That was tons of fun, and I got to meet a few new faces there too. If you ever come to Northern during homecoming weekend, be prepared for a lot of fun and excitement!