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Awkward Action

I am really excited to be back at Northern! I am here a bit early because I went to Chicago with my parents to drop my younger brother off at school. He is starting his freshman year at Columbia College Chicago and I am so proud! I remember doing all the "freshman drop-off" stuff for my first year here and it was both odd and amusing seeing it on the other side. The awkwardness of roommates meeting, our traditional family "last supper," and the making of the bed. My family is big on weird little traditions. The making of the bed is when my mom opens all of the bedding and assembles it in the neatest fashion, on the bed, hospital corners and all. When she made mine, I didn't remake it for the whole fall quarter! It is these pleasing and awkward little things make college such a great time. 

Speaking of awkward, while I moving in I had some recently purchased toilet paper sitting in the hallway and while my father and I were struggling to rearrange my room, a guy comes down the hall with an almost frantic look on his face. He spots my TP and yelps "OH! Dude can I borrow a roll of your TP? I have a friend in the bathroom and he's stuck! I'll bring it back, I promise." Of course I gave it to him, and told him to keep it as a welcome back/Christmas gift. As he ran down the hall to rescue his buddy, my mom shook her head and kept repeating, "I love college students." Let it be known that I've never deprived a man of his need for TP. 

I can't wait until next week when all of the freshmen are moving in, the awkward levels in Ada are going to peak!