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Living Single

This year I will be living in a single in Lima Complex. Before you jump up in protest about a senior living in a dorm (and I'm not an R.A.), let me give you my reasons. Since I first became a student at Northern, I have held Lima Complex in high regard. My freshman year, when dinosaurs roamed the tundra, before Affinity, Stadium View and even the two off campus houses, Lima was the place to be. Older students who couldn't get into the Apartments (so mostly sophmores and juniors) lived there and enjoyed the Polar Bowl, the close knit community and we had a great recreation room (no longer in existance). 
I lived on the third floor of Lima in my freshman year, with three other freshman who by luck of the draw and due to our class being one of the largest Northern had ever seen at the time, shared a lounge that was converted into a quad. That was a great year and they gave us a fridge, air conditioning, new carpet, a couch and a 20" flat screen TV (no guarantees for you freshmen out there). Living in Lima always felt like I was at the center of everything going on around campus and it is within easy walking distance of almost every building! Not to mention soccer on the Tundra, group walks to Mac, and it was connected Brookhart :-D. Those were the good old days. 
My reasons for moving back are a bit different however. First, I want to get back on the meal plan. I know, some think I'm crazy but last year I was in the Northern Commons Apartments and while I liked it, cooking for yourself is not the easiest thing to do. I'm good at it, but it takes too much time. Plus we have a new chef and Mac food has been steadily improving. Secondly, I want to have the shortest walk possible to classes. I like to wake up really close to class time, so my brain is at its freshest for learning. Sue me. Thirdly, I want to bookend my living experience. I started in Lima, I'd like to end there. And also my friend Adam is H.R. and I couldn't let him be the oldest person in the building lol. Suffice it to say, as long as you're engaging in campus activities, it doesn't matter where you live. Pick somewhere that suits your needs and keep comin back!