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Saudi Program Featured on Ohio News Network

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Prison Management Certificate Program, which has brought several Saudi corrections professionals and their families to ONU, was the subject of a news report aired on ONN on the 19th. The report focused on how the Saudi families were reacting to life in Ada, and how they were accepted by the community.

Among those interviewed for the program were officer Mohammed Alghandi, university president Ken Baker, program interpreter Mahdi Abulail, and HPJ Department Chair and Program Coordinator Dr. Ellen Wilson. All of the interviewees testified to the relative ease that the Saudi families have been accepted into the community. According to the transcript of the program found on ONN's webpage, (where the broadcast can be viewed) Alghandi stated that "The first days, they're anxious, but later when we deal with the community, look for a house, or goats or something like that, when they (community residents) deal with us they're comfortable. Dr. Baker told the reporter that the effort from the beginning had been focused on making the program a community effort from the beginning, and that the community reaction had been that "we will find a way." Wilson echoed this, and said that "I'm not sure that in the scheme of things, it could be going better."

pictured: Mohammed Alghandi and children, from