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Technological Studies

Do you like to build, design or take things apart to figure out how they work? Are you good at solving problems, improving designs and improvising? Do you like to watch TV shows like Modern Marvels, How It's Made, Myth Busters, This Old House, The New Yankee Workshop or Battle Bots? Do you enjoy tinkering, working hands-on with tools, materials and computers to make things easier? If so, then the technological studies program at Ohio Northern University is for you.  

Our graduates become the managers and leaders to make their companies successful for their industry, employees and communities.

In June 2016, the Department of Technological Studies received recognition as a Dassault Systemes Academy Member. This honor signifies ONU's tangible efforts to improve students' employability and curriculum quality through advanced usage and applications of Dassault Systemes software, a leader in the technology studies field.

The Department of Technological Studies has had a tremendous record of late for graduate placement. How good? How about 100 percent of all graduates for the past three years.


Typical positions
held by graduates:

Employers of alumni:

Process Engineer

Delphi Automotive
Manufacturing Engineer Delmia
CAD/CAM Programmer DTR Industries
Construction Project Manager Lockheed Martin
Product Designer Honda Transmission
Industrial Engineer Norplas Industries
Production Supervisor Dana Corporation
Simulation Engineer Lincoln Electric
Robotics Engineer/
Kokosing Construction
Technology Teacher EMH&T Consulting Engineers
General Dynamics


ONU was critical in forming a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of Delmia products as I went on to work at Delmia/Dassault for more than seven years, assisting their customers in robotic, ergonomic and assembly product support. Becoming an Academy Member will only add to the quality of instruction already there at ONU.

  • Jonathan Botkin, BS ’02

Having worked with three different automotive manufactures, I can say with confidence that the Dassault Systemes training I received at Ohio Northern University has led me into the workforce with the understanding of parametric modeling, virtual simulation and the digital manufacturing age at a level that is beyond most of my peers. The foundation laid in the tech studies department has allowed me to grow and learn on a number of different platforms and systems.

  • Caleb Bingham, BS ’10

I believe the variety of manufacturing topics I learned, from machining to welding to drafting, while pursuing my technology degree at Ohio Northern gave me the opportunity to more quickly understand the multiple manufacturing processes and business operations necessary to manufacture a car. My education at Ohio Northern provided a solid foundation for my career at Honda as an automotive engineer.

  • Melissa Marshall-Vance, BS ’97

Due to my coursework with Deneb/Delmia, Catia and ProEngineer at ONU, I was able to effectively use Autodesk Inventor software without any training. My first day as engineer at Ada Technologies, I was tasked with designing a gage. Thanks to my experience with multiple 3-D solid modeling platforms, I was able to draw a 3-D model and produce a drawing for the gage with Autodesk Inventor despite having no training or experience with it.

  • John Fisher, BS ’01

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