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Excellent students may submit their names to serve as Arts and Sciences tutors.  Tutors must have a strong grasp of the course material, communicate clearly, and be personable, reliable individuals with good time management skills.  You must obtain a recommendation from a relevant faculty member before you submit your name.  A relevant faculty member is one who teaches the course(s) for which you’d like to tutor and who has knowledge of your academic and personal qualifications.

Before submitting your name to serve as a tutor, please review the following list of expectations of those in that position.  If, after reviewing the expectations, your still are interested, please click here to submit your name as a tutor. 


As a Getty College of Arts & Sciences tutor, you are expected to do the following:

  1. Attend or arrange a substitute tutor for each tutoring session for which you have been hired. If you cannot be present and no substitute is available, notify the appropriate person and post a sign outside the door where you normally tutor. If you tutor for regularly scheduled tutoring sessions, notify the course(s) professor(s), so the cancelation can be announced in class. If you are tutoring on an as-needed basis, notify the student(s) with whom you are working.
  2. Regularly contact the faculty members who are teaching the courses for which you are providing tutorial assistance.
  3. Be honest about your level of knowledge: If you do not know how to help with a problem, admit your ignorance, promise to check with the professor, and ask the student to return a follow-up tutoring session. Then actually do ask the professor for help and provide the necessary assistance at your next tutoring session.
  4. Require each tutored student to complete and submit the online attendance form for each session of tutoring. These sheets are needed for our weekly report tracking the usage of the tutoring services. If you won't have access to the Internet during your tutoring session, you may instead print, complete, and submit the paper tutoring attendance sheet.
  5. Complete your bi-weekly Self-Service Banner time sheets correctly. If you are working more than one campus job, you will have a separate timesheet for each job; enter the correct hours for the correct job on the correct sheet. The deadlines for each pay period are available here.
  6. Meet any additional expectations prescribed by the department.
  7. Print and sign the confidentiality form. Then submit the completed form to Mary Drzycimski-Finn,, A&S Dean's Office, Dukes 207. The form must be submitted within a week of beginning tutoring. Your time sheet will not be approved until it is submitted.