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The ONU Wind Orchestra travels internationally every third year. Dr. Thomas Hunt lived in Germany for many years, and the contacts he made serve to make the tour both exciting and affordable.

In 2017, the city of Laupheim, with its outstanding municipal band, hosted the ONU Wind Orchestra for the third time. Alexander Beer, director of bands at the Jugendmusikschule in Stuttgart, invited the group to share the stage with his formidable ensemble, also for the third time. Other concerts were held in Bad Muestereifel in the beautiful forests of the Eifel and in Luxembourg.

The tour culminated with three days in Berlin, viewing the historic sites and attending unforgettable performances by the Deutsche Oper and the Berlin Philharmonic. Other sightseeing opportunities included day trips to the ancient city of Aachen, where Charlemagne was crowned; to Trier, one of the oldest cities in Europe with ruins dating back to Roman times; to the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart; and to the concentration camp at Dachau.

A boat trip on beautiful Lake Constance is a high point; the Alps of Austria, Switzerland and Germany can be seen in all directions.




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