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Audition Information

Talent Award Auditions

Talent awards are available to both music majors and non-majors participating in the Wind Orchestra.

Placement Auditions

Auditions for placement in the wind and symphony orchestras take place at the beginning of the school year in the fall.  Fall instrumental music audition music is available to download below.  Placement takes student preference and availability into account but is at the discretion of the directors.  Talent Award recipients are required to audition and, if placed, register for the wind or symphony orchestra.

PDF icon Alta Saxophone1.7 MB
PDF icon Bass Clarinet1.85 MB
PDF icon Bass Trombone1.07 MB
PDF icon Bassoon1.72 MB
PDF icon Clarinet2.06 MB
PDF icon Euphonium B, C1.28 MB
PDF icon Euphonium T, C1.28 MB
PDF icon Flute1.82 MB
PDF icon Horn1.39 MB
PDF icon Oboe1.43 MB
PDF icon Piccolo1.33 MB
PDF icon Trombone1.16 MB
PDF icon Trumpet1.12 MB
PDF icon Tuba1.52 MB
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