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Audition Requirements

All applicants may be asked to sight-read (instrumentalists) and may be asked to demonstrate tonal retention.

Guitar: Classical/Jazz/Contemporary

  • One or two octave major scales using at least two fingerings
  • Two solo pieces any style, must be written in standard musical notation
  • Demonstration of improvisational skills and chord progressions for jazz or contemporary guitar


  • One four-part chorale or chorale prelude or one Prelude and/or Fugue from “Eight Little Preludes and Fugues” attributed to J.S. Bach
  • One other composition of your choosing from any period other than the Baroque
  • Two hymns of contrasting style played as you would for congregational singing. Two verses plus introduction. Pedal is to be used on at least one verse. Please bring two copies.
  • Sight-reading (a short composition written on two staves and a short composition written on three staves)


  • Class A or B contest solo on either snare drum, timpani, or keyboard percussion (choose your “strongest” instrument)
  • One solo or etude on a secondary percussion instrument
  • Demonstrate various rudiments on request
  • Demonstrate various scales and arpeggios on request
  • Sight-reading (snare and keyboard) 

Note: Performing any part of an ensemble (duet, trio, etc.) is NOT acceptable.


  • One contrapuntal piece, memorized, chosen from the following:
    • J.S. Bach 2-part or 3-part Inventions
    • J.S. Bach Prelude and Fugue from Well-Tempered Clavier, Volume I or II
    • J.S. Bach English Suite, French Suite, or Partita, at least two movements
  • A second piece, memorized, from the Classical, Romantic or twentieth century (such as a Classical Sonata movement, Chopin Etude, Prelude, or Nocturne, Schubert Impromptu, or works by Bartok, Prokofiev, etc.)
  • Scales (4 octave) and arpeggios (3 octave) chosen by the faculty from major and minor keys


  • One Class A or B contest solo with piano accompaniment
  • First movement of a concerto is preferred


  • Two Class A or B contest solos
  • One piece in a foreign language (French, Italian, Latin, German or Spanish)
  • One English art song
  • Additionally, a singer may also present a piece for the Broadway repertoire


  • One Class A or B solo with piano accompaniment
  • One standard etude
  • All major scales
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