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Current Student Accomplishments

ONU music students are always keeping busy and accomplishing great things. See what some of our students are doing now!

Jordan Loyd

This semester Jordan has been granted the opportunity to audition for two major opera companies: The Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, NY and Santa Fe Opera in Santa Fe, NM. If chosen for either company, he will be involved in a summer intensive training program for young opera performers. 

Jordan was also chosen to sing for opera singer Dina Kuznetsova at a masterclass through Ohio NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing). This honor was based on his success at the Spring 2016 competition in which he won first place in the Third Year College Men Division. 

Maggie Bittner

Maggie Bittner completed her Senior Recital on October 2nd, 2016 and had a great turnout! She played some wonderful music; here are some pictures from the recital!

Maggie was accompanied by Pamela Ashmore on piano, and Lindsay Porter on clarinet.

Lindsay porter

Lindsay won third place in the R. Keith Newton Music Education Essay Competition. Wanda Stubbart wrote to Lindsay,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have won the third-place award in the R. Keith Newton competition. The judges especially enjoyed reading of your experience in the camp for children with special needs. They were also impressed with your desire to teach students "how to love and appreciate music of all kinds." Music does indeed reach everyone, touching our souls and speaking to our hearts.

At the young age of 41, I lost my job teaching elementary music in the public schools because the program was dropped by the school board. I was not able to get another music teaching job because I was considered too old. Eventually, I found work in the field of telephony and enjoyed 18-1/2 years of learning and teaching something totally new to me. During the last 10 years of my new career, I traveled to many parts of the world to teach software, but I never stopped participating in making music. Your statement that "music does not end in high school" certainly rang a bell with me.

Even now, at the age of 85, I am still playing piano for church as well as accompanying many students in workshops, solo and ensemble contests, and auditions for youth symphonies and other groups.

Jarrett Barr

Jarrett auditioned into the 338th Army Band, which is an Army Reserve band based in Michigan and Ohio. He will be playing saxophone as well as clarinet and flute for this band. A passing score for an audition is 18 points out of 40, and Jarrett received a 28, which exceeds expectations. In order for someone to receive a 40, they would have to be good enough to be teaching other scholars. Jarrett is very excited about this opportunity because joining the Army Band is something he has wanted to do for a very long time. Jarrett was originally just going to wait until after he graduated to join the Army Band and participate during grad school, but after he visited with them in December, he realized it was something he could be a part of during his undergraduate degree program. This is a great opportunity for Jarrett and a stepping stone to either more years as a part-time Army musician or auditioning someday for a full-time band. Someday, Jarrett might even be in the field band in Washington, D.C. For now though, Jarrett is very grateful to have the chance to start this career path now.

Noah Walter

Noah recently gave a freshman recital on piano here at ONU. This is a great accomplishment for a freshman to achieve. Click here to listen to Noah's Recital!

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