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Department of Modern Languages FAQ

Situation:  You want (or need) to study another language.

Question:  Where to begin?

Answer: Obviously, if you have never before studied the language you want to learn, you will begin in Elementary 1011. At ONU, we offer Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish at the Elementary level. Earning at least a D in Elementary 1011 and 1021 in one of these languages fulfills the language requirement for most majors.*

*See the list of majors with language requirements. Some majors require two years of language study.

Situation:  You studied another language in High School or have other language background.

Question:  Where to begin?

Answer: For French, German, or Spanish, you may take a placement exam. To take a placement exam, click here.

Select Ohio Northern University from the menu and use the password : polarbears1 Answer the questions as well as you can, without using a dictionary or other outside help. At the end of the test, you will receive a score that indicates where you should begin language study at ONU. If you have questions or disagree with the score, please consult the instructors for advice.

Situation:  You test into a level above ELEM 1011.

Question:  What course to take?  What happens now?

Answer: If you begin your ONU language study at the 1021 (second semester) level or above and earn at least a C, you may receive credit toward graduation for the courses you skipped over.  See the Retro-Credit Information Chart for details.

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