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Majors with Foreign Language Requirements

Majors with Foreign Language Requirements

*Advertising Design
*Applied Mathematics
Art Education
Athletic Training
Communication Studies
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
*Education - Early Childhood
*Education - Middle Childhood
*Exercise Physiology
*Graphic Design
Language Arts Education
*Mathematical Statistics
Multimedia Journalism
Music Performance
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
Political Science
Professional Writing
Public Relations
Social Studies
*Sport Management
*Studio Arts
Youth Ministry

ONU students in many different majors must fulfill a foreign language requirement, and all students, regardless of major, can benefit from language study.

The Modern Languages department strongly recommends that students begin foreign language study during their first year at ONU, so as to build upon language proficiency developed during high school. Doing so also increases the possibility that you can complete an educational experience (study, research, internship, co-op, teaching, clinicals, etc.) abroad and makes you more competitive for career and graduate school placement upon graduation.

New students who have previous French, German, or Spanish language experience should take a placement test to determine their proficiency. Students who place into and successfully pass upper-level language courses may receive retroactively awarded credit for lower level language courses.

The ONU majors listed in the box on the right have foreign language requirements.

*In this major, only of students choosing to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree (rather than another degree) are required to complete a foreign language requirement. 

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