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We offer majors in mathematics and mathematics/statistics, as well as minors in mathematics, applied mathematics and applied statistics. Our majors may choose a general education program leading to either the B.A. degree or the B.S. degree. The Mathematics and Statistics department cooperates with the Center for Teacher Education in program planning for licensure for those desiring to teach at the secondary school level. Our secondary education program in mathematics is nationally accredited by the NCTM. Some of our students choose to continue their education in graduate school. In the last seven years, our students gave 61 presentations at regional or national mathematics meetings and co-authored seven mathematics or statistics-related refereed publications. Among the graduate schools which accepted our students we can include Ohio State University, Purdue University, University of Florida and the University of North Carolina. Also, a wide range of opportunities in academia and beyond are available for the students completing our mathematics/statistics track.

Undergraduate Research News (research papers and student presentations)

Mihai Caragiu and Greg Back
The Greatest Prime Factor and Related Magmas
JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications 15 (2),127-136 (December 2009)

POSTERS AT THE CAPITOL, Columbus, OH - April 15, 2010

Axel Brandt and Nicholas Erickson (advisors Dr. Mohammad Zaki and Dr. Nathaniel Bird) - Efficiencies of Factorization Algorithms on RSA Encryption

Presentations at the 2010 MAA SPRING MEETING at Kent State University

Caitlin Zook (advisor Dr. Mohammad Zaki) A Nonvanishing Result for Certain Sums...

John Holodnak (Summer REU at North Carolina State University) The Perron-Frobenius Theorem with Applications to Sports Ranking Models

Kevin Earnest (advisor Dr. William Fuller) Perturbations in the Aerospace Sequence of Attitude Determination Using Quaternions

Greg Back (advisor Dr. Mihai Caragiu) The Greatest Prime Factor Function and Some Applications

MATHEMATICS BONUS FILES Our e-journal provides articles on college-level topics usually not included in textbooks.

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE Names of some prominent European mathematicians - a project by Dr. Khristo Boyadzhiev.

Mathematics and Statistics Department

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