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Capstone Projects

Recent Capstone Presentations by ONU Math/Stat Majors


Abigail Thayer: Computer Solutions of the One Dimensional Diffusion Equation [Johns]

Brian Slabe: Contingent Payment Methods [Rahrig]

James Rader: Analysis of Points After Touchdown in the NFL [Putt]

Ashley Ernst: A Group Theoretic Development of Isospin and Low Isospin Multiplets [Fuller]


Benjamin McKinnis: The Square Wheel Problem [Hunt]

Brandon Guillen: A Look at Bayesian Statistics [Robinson]

Amanda Marco: Fibonacci Numbers and Some of Their Properties [Caragiu]

Kerry DuLaney: Exploring Gears and Watchmaking [Hunt]

Lacey Hittle: Progression on Regression: A Look at Multicollinearity [Rahrig]


Matthew R. Zirkle: Finding Square Roots in a Prime Field [Caragiu]

Thomas E. Steinberger: Arithmetic Functions of Several Variables on the Gaussian Integers  [Zaki]

Jonathan C. Schroeder: Small Special Pairs of Primitive Roots [Caragiu]

Devin F. Kisor: Exploration of the Regression to the Mean Phenomenon [Robinson]

Morgan Hammer: Applications of Direct Products to Molecular Spectroscopy [Putt]

Kelsie E. Zumberger: Did You Cheat In School This Year? [Robinson]

Donald J. Pleshinger: On a Congruence of Ohtsuka [Caragiu]

Matthew J. McCandless: Picturing Eigenfaces [Retterer] 







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