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Junior Year Curriculum

CourseCreditCourse #
Therapeutic Modalities in AT4ATTR 3101
Trends in Athletic Training (offered odd years)3ATTR 4201
AT Clinical Level 3 #1-2ATTR 3401
Off-Campus AT Clinical Experience ♦0ATTR 3501
Exercise Rehabilitation in AT4ATTR 3201
Kinesiology3EXPH 2201
Psychosocial Factors of AT2ATTR 3301
AT Clinical Level 4 #1-2ATTR 3451

# Athletic Training Clinicals:  Involvement in an on or off-campus clinical experience.  Clinicals are 2 cr./each.  Credit for a winter sport or off-campus clinical experience is divided between fall & spring semesters (1 credit registered in fall / 1 credit registered in spring). 


◊ Off-Campus AT Clinical Experience:  Taken only one time concurrently with A.T. Clinical Level 3, 4, 5 or 6 to indicate involvement in an off-campus experience at a local high school and/or outpatient sports medicine clinic.  Includes a general medical experience component.