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Exercise Physiology Faculty and Staff

Zac Callahan

Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology

Scott Swanson

Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology

Associate Professor Scott Swanson enters his 17th year at Ohio Northern University (old enough to know better; young enough not to care). From 1998-2001, professor Swanson served a dual teaching role in the Biological Sciences and Allied Health department and Human Performance and Sport Sciences department, teaching anatomy and physiology and exercise physiology classes. Torn between two departments (and after lengthy and heated contract negotiations), Professor Swanson agreed to teach exclusively in the exercise physiology program in 2002 after being bribed by two full snickers bars (not the wimpy snack size you get on Halloween). Professor Swanson also serves as the program coordinator for the exercise physiology program. 

Professor Swanson completed his undergraduate degree from Alma College (Alma, MI) with a major in biology and minor in chemistry. His undergraduate thesis examined pesticide levels and control in Tribolium Brevicornis (if you know what that organism is, you win a prize!). Professor Swanson completed his masters in exercise physiology from Kent State University (Kent, OH), where his research focused on the role of protein metabolism during aerobic exercise. (And he has seen the grassy knoll and bullet hole in the sculpture depicted in the media, as well as the memorial erected in the early 90's to honor those killed in the incident). Professor Swanson completed his Ph.D. from THE Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)- not to be confused with the much smaller and less academically challenging Ohio State University. His doctoral thesis examined the effect of eccentric exercise muscle damage on muscle glycogen resynthesis (subtitled "If my legs hurt after this, I get to eat lots of sugary foods, right?"). After cramming four good years of college into a six year period, Professor Swanson finally graduated and his illustrious academic career began in earnest. 

Professor Swanson teaches the following courses:  Exercise Physiology, Exercise Testing and Prescription I/II, Exercise Biochemistry, and Introduction to Exercise and Health. He also coordinates the Exercise Physiology internships.

Professor Swanson enjoys watching the Buckeyes almost win national championships every year, recreation running and strength training (chicken legs rule!), trying to limit his sugary junk food intake, and hanging out with his incredibly awesome son, Bret. 

Ed Potkanowicz

Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology

Dr. Edward S. Potkanowicz arrived at Ohio Northern in 2011. In addition to his teaching and research responsibilities at ONU, Dr. Potkanowicz is responsible for the coordination and development of new clinical experiences.

Dr. Potkanowicz received his undergraduate degree in exercise science from Youngstown State University (Youngstown, Ohio). After stints at both the White House (Washington, D.C.) and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland, Ohio) where he served as an exercise specialist, Dr. Potkanowicz began his graduate work at Kent State University (Kent, Ohio) receiving both his master’s and doctorate degrees in 2002 and
2003, respectively.

Prior to his arrival at Ohio Northern, Dr. Potkanowicz served as a faculty member and graduate program coordinator at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago from 2003 until 2006. From 2006 until 2011, Dr. Potkanowicz was on faculty in the exercise physiology program at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. In 2011 Dr. Potkanowicz arrived at Ohio Northern and assumed his position in the exercise physiology program. Dr. Potkanowicz has two research agendas and has been fortunate enough to be able to combine them at times. The first is in the area of the physiology of aging, while the second is in the area of human thermoregulation and sports performance.

With regard to his interest in aging, Dr. Potkanowicz has, for a long time, had a desire to uncover and discover ways of improving the quality of life of the aging adult. It is Dr. Potkanowicz’s belief that, through the inclusion of regular physical activity, the aging adult can have a more fulfilling life experience and enjoy a much better quality of life.

His second research interest is in the area of human thermoregulation and sports performance. More specifically Dr. Potkanowicz examines the performance deficits that an athlete experiences while performing in extreme environments. His most current project is called “The R.A.C.E.R. Project”. This is an acronym for The Real Assessment of Core and Environmental Responses. The project has been examining the physiological responses exhibited by closed and open cockpit racecar drivers (i.e. Indy Car, Formula 1, and NASCAR). The project’s goal is to design a new biometric sensor that will allow for the real-time assessment of the driver’s physiological response to the microenvironment of the cockpit during actual race events.

Dr. Potkanowicz and his wife Deanna (a clinical psychologist and full time faculty member in Psychology at Bluffton University in Bluffton, Ohio) are regular runners and have completed a number of 5k, 10K, and half marathons together and enjoying running on the Green Monster. Dr. Potkanowicz can be found most days, working in his office located in the King Horn Sports Complex, Room 106B. Feel free to stop by.

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