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HPJ Alumni Voices: Kelly Morman

“In my post-ONU life, I have had the opportunity to meet people from many different places who went to many different universities. Through these exchanges, the unique experiences we receive at ONU, especially in the Department of History, Politics, and Justice, are readily apparent.

Kelly Morman in Washington D.C.
during her internship with the U.S.
Senate Committee on Health, Education,
Labor and Pensions.

During, my four years at Northern and in HPJ, I had the opportunity to take rigorous classes, both in and outside the Department to develop a course of study that met my diverse interests and was encouraged to do so. I was able to assist on a major research project, detailing the hidden realities of the Electoral College as a college sophomore, attend a major political convention, serve my University as a student body leader, intern in the United States Senate working on reauthorization of major legislation, study abroad in my beloved Spain, present original research at major academic conferences, and be selected to participate in one of the most prestigious and selective service organizations in the country. All of this would not have been possible without my professors and advisors in HPJ who supported, assisted, and pushed me every step of the way.

Through multiple meetings about my post-graduate plans and multiple revisions of personal statements, I know that I can count on my professors for anything that I may need, both now and in the future. But, more importantly, they know that they can count on me to pay forward that support to the Department and future generations of students. The professors, staff, students, and alumni of HPJ are truly a family on whom we can lean in times of struggle and share our joy during times of great success. I know for a fact that I would not be at one of the most prestigious schools of public affairs in the country without the preparation and support of HPJ, ready to push myself to achieve and be far more than what I envisioned when I walked into Hill Building for my first class in the department so many years ago.

You can go to many places for an education and for a degree, but very few places will provide you a second family and a place you call home. The Department of History, Politics, and Justice at Ohio Northern University is that place.”

—Kelly P. Morman
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Spanish ’11,
Department of History, Politics, and Justice, Ohio Northern University
DeBow Freed Award Winner for Outstanding Student Leadership ‘11
Teach For America, Mississippi Delta ‘11
Master of Public Affairs Candidate ’15,
School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University