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Ray Schuck

Director, Public History/Museum Studies Program; Assistant Professor of History
History, Political Science, & Geography
Hill Memorial 202D
525 S. Main Street
Ada, OH 45810

Ray Schuck, a retired museum director, is currently the Director of the Public History/Museum Studies Program at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.  During his twelve-year tenure he established and teaches courses in the Public History/Museum Studies Program, including an archaeology field school.  He travels extensively, and has researched and written on a variety of topics in history and archaeology.  He serves as the university’s rugby advisor and women’s team coach.  


Professional Experience: 


2002-Present   Member of the Northwest State Community College Historic  Preservation Advisory Committee

2000-Present   Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Collections Specialist,  Rugby Advisor/Coach, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio.

2000-2009        Member of the Book Awards Committee for the Conference on Local History, Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

1993-2000       Committee Member, Ohio Academy of History, Historical Societies and Archives Committee.

1995                  Member of the British Council’s Museum Professionals’ Study Tour of Northern Ireland.

1993                  Member of the Museum Studies Delegation to Russia, People to People International Program.

1992-1996       Council Member, Ohio Museums Association.

1991-2000       Editorial Consultant, Popular Culture in Libraries Journal.

1985-2000       Grant Reviewer for the Institute of Museum Services

1982-1986       Council Member, Society of Ohio Archivists.

1982-1984       Council Member, Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums.

1981-1982       OAC/OHC Grant Director, Study of Pre-Civil War Rural Black Settlements in West-Central Ohio.

1980-2000       Director, Allen County Museum, Lima, Ohio.

1979-1983       Guest Lecturer, Museology Program, The Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio.

1975-1980       Curator, Allen County Museum, Lima, Ohio.




1984    Graduate of the Principles of Management for Cultural Institutions Seminar, Museums Collaborative, N.Y.

1979    M.A., American History/Museum and Archival Administration, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.

1978    Graduate of the Seminar for Historical Administration, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

1977    Two-Month Archival Administration Internship, The Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green, Ohio.

1974    Four-Month Archaeology Internship, The Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio.

1974    B.A., Anthropology/Museology, The Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio.

1972    A.A., Liberal Arts, Suffolk County Community College, Selden, N.Y.





Professional Service and Awards:


2010    Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, Department of History, Politics and Justice  in the Getty College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio Northern University.

2006-2009      Assisted with the legal establishment of the Wilson Football Museum, including applications for non-profit status and organizational and curatorial development.

2000-Present  Annual lectures and presentations on a variety of topics to the docents and the general public and technical and professional assistance at area historical societies and museums, including the Allen County Museum, Lima, Ohio; the Delphos Historical Society, Delphos, Ohio; and the Swiss Community Historical Society, Bluffton, Ohio.

Research Interests: 

Archaeology Fieldwork:

2000-Present   Instructor for the Ohio Northern University Field School in Archaeology.

2000                  Lima City Schools  Archaeology Residency

1997                  Rostov-On-Don, Russia

1994                  Beaverdam Site, Beaverdam, Ohio.

1980-1982       Kirian-Treglia Site, Allen County, Ohio.

1975                  Fort Mason Site, Nogales, Arizona.

1974                  Mound City Site, Chillicothe, Ohio.

1974                  Fort Meigs Site, Perrysburg, Ohio.

1974                  Fort Gower Site, Hockingport, Ohio.



Selected Publications: 


2012    Schuck, Raymond I. and Ray Schuck, eds.  Do You Believe in Rock and Roll:  Essays on Don McLean’s American Pie, Jefferson, North Carolina:  McFarland & Company, Inc.  Author contribution:  A Line by Line Analysis of a Classic Song, pp. 49-75.  

2012 Schuck, Ray.  Reopening the Curtain on Rugby in America, American History Through American Sports:  From Colonial Lacrosse to Extreme Sports, Westport, Connecticut:  Praeger Press.

2010 Schuck, Ray.  Book review for Northwest Ohio History, Vol. 79, No. 2 (Spring 2012):  Lisa Swickard, Calamity and Courage:  Tiffin’s Battle During Ohio’s Deadly 1913 Flood.  Melmore, Ohio:  Virgin Alley Press, 2010.

2008   Schuck, Ray. When the Broadway Limited Stopped in Lima:  An Ohio Town Embraces the Babe, Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat”: Babe Ruth at 100.  AMS Press.

2008    Schuck, Ray.  Book Review for the Journal of Popular Culture: Generation on Fire:    Voices of Protest From the 60s, An Oral History.  Jeff Kisseleloff.        Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2007.

2001    Sciulli, Paul W. and Ray Schuck.  Terminal Late Archaic Mortuar Practices II: The Boose Cemetery,Pennsylvania Archaeologist  71:29-42.

2000-2005       Field Reports In Archaeology,  Annual Reports of the Metzger/Hillier Family Foundation Site, 33TU590.  ONU Publications.

1994    Schuck, Ray.  Outreach Through Partnerships and Collaborations, History Outreach:  Programs for Museums, Historical  Organizations, and Academic History Departments.  Krieger Press.

1993    Sciulli, Paul W., Ray Schuck, and Myra J. Geisen.  Terminal Late Archai Mortuary Practices at Kirian-Treglia(33AL39), Pennsylvania Archaeologist, 63: 53-63.

1989    Schuck, Ray.  A Partnership In Community History:  The Town and City Gallery, History News, AASLH Publication.

1988    Schuck, Ray.  Collecting 20th Century Artifacts Means Big Things Literally, The Local Historian.  OAHSM Publication.

1984    Schuck, Ray.  Exhibit Planning In the Small Historical Society Museum, The Local History Notebook.  OAHSM Publication.

1974    Schuck, Ray.  Chronology of Dunmore’s War and Fort Gower,  Fort Gower Preliminary Report:  Field Reports in Archaeology.  The Defiance College Publication.