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Mock Trial

Ohio Northern University participates in the American Mock Trial Association's intercollegiate mock trial competition.  Each year, two or three teams (each team consisting of no more than eight students) prepare for either a civil or a criminal case (on an alternating basis) for litigation before a panel of two or three judges.  Each team is provided with all of the physical evidence, affidavits, case law, and exhibits for use in the case.  Students learn to prepare opening statements, direct and cross examination questions, and closing arguments.  Additionally, students learn the federal rules of evidence and must be able to argue objections before the bench.  In many instances, the case is argued before a mock jury.  One of the many benefits of mock trial is that students develop skills to enhance their critical thinking and analytical abilities.  

Model UN

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Model United Nations is an academic organization that simulates the actions of the United Nations. The team is assigned a country from the National Model United Nations Committee and prepares to represent that country’s stance on real world issues in mock committees at the international competition in New York City. The purpose of Model UN is to teach students through hands-on learning the value of cooperation and diplomacy in the real world.  Also, Model UN gives students a unique and priceless experience that delves into multicultural education. Many skills are gained from being a member of Model UN including: public speaking, diplomacy, professionalism, conflict resolution, teamwork, negotiation and research.


"I am grateful and honored to have been a part of this team, and if you are interested in joining this wonderful life-changing organization, I strongly recommend you to join!"  Nahoko Shiojiri, BA ‘14


The club is offered during both fall and Spring semesters and is 2 credit hours in the fall and 1 credit hour in the spring. In the fall semester, students prepare for the conferences held in the spring semester, including going through in-class simulations, writing position papers, working on public speaking and fundraising for the spring trips.  Also in the fall, ONU’s Model UN team holds a high school conference in which high school Model UN clubs all over Ohio come to ONU to compete in a learning conference. During spring semester the club goes to two conferences.  The first one is in Dayton, OH, and it’s a learning conference to get ready for the second conference.  The second conference is an international conference held in New York City. This conference is the largest university level simulation of the United Nations.  ONU’s Model UN team has been participating in the National Model United Nations Conference for over 40 years now! In the last five years ONU’s Model UN team has represented the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, and Burkina Faso and has won four awards at the national conference in that time frame.

For more information contact: Ñusta Carranza Ko , Advisor

Dr. Carranza Ko's Model UN Story


U.S. – Japan Experience


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