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Academic Advisor Notebook

Academic advising is an important element in students’ college experience.  Advising connects the students to the college and programs, thus influencing retention and graduation rates.  Further, academic advising provides a personal connection that students want and need for a successful college experience.

The Academic Advisor Notebook was compiled by the A&S Dean's Office to assist faculty in advising students on the changes to our general education requirements and those arising from our transition from quarters to semesters. Please click on the links below for further information.

Advisor Resources from the Academic Advisor Notebook


The Importance of Good Academic Advising

Signs of a Great Academic Advisor

University-Wide and A&S General Education and Degree Requirements

A&S Check sheets of Unfulfilled Requirements

Secondary Academic Programs, Dual Majors, or Dual Degrees

Use and Information Concerning Transition Plans

A&S Subject Codes

Semester Course Equivalents of Common Quarter Courses

Course Substitutions

Non-Western Courses on Semesters

Transcripts for Students on Both Quarters and Semesters

Modern Language Placement Test (Retro-credit)

Courses Tagged with Learning Objectives

Athletes and Registration

English Department Transfer Policy

Transfer Credit and General Education Artifacts

Zero-Billing Courses Approved 2011-02-09