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English Language Programs

The primary task of Ohio Northern's English Language Programs (ELP) is to serve the needs of the English learner on campus. Its central mission is academic English preparation for students beginning degree study at ONU. English language preparation at ONU is delivered through two core programs, each designed to target a specific need.

The International Scholar Transition Program (ISTP)  is designed for students with mature English skills who need extra support to meet the high academic standards of the university. The Intensive English Program (IEP) serves students with lower competencies in English who need tio master basic skills in using the language.

The mission of English Language Programs (ELP) at Ohio Northern University is to meet the specific, though varied, needs of students, instructional staff and university in English language teaching and learning.  ELP grounds itself in the current best practices in the field in order to achieve its overall mission and serve as a resource and language advocate to the larger community.

International Scholar Transition Program students are fully admitted to university study and beginning academic course work.  Students in this program can begin taking college courses for credit while taking ISTP courses (to improve academic English skills) before entering into full-time regular university study in their respective majors. The Transition program is generally one year of study and ISTP students complete 12-15 credits in their degree program.  Full academic study normally begins the following summer or fall upon successful completion of ISTP and a score of 62 on the iBT or 500 on the ITP (Institutional TOEFL).

Students who fall into one of the following areas may be considered for the International Scholar Transition Program:

  • TOEFL scores between 460-549 (paper-based), or 50-78 (Internet-based)
  • IELTS score of 5.5 with no sub score below 5.0
  • Satisfactory completion of level 109 at an ELS Language Center
  • Students who score below a 550 on the SAT Critical Reading section or a 26 on the ACT English section will be evaluated for ISTP or academic admission on a case-by-case basis

Intensive English Program students are conditionally admitted to a degree program and cannot begin academic study until successful completion of IEP. Initial placement in the IEP is determined by a placement test upon arrival.  The program follows with successful completion of each subsequent level. The six levels of the program can generally be completed in a full year of study including a summer term, after which the students enter the International Scholar Transition Program ISTP) and begin academic study.  

While the major focus of English Language Programs is preparation for academic study, the department also participates in and leads special English programs such as language camps and on-campus activities for international and domestic students alike.

English Language Programs
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English Language Programs
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