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Student-run publications are some of the most immersive opportunities provided by the Department of English. These hands-on experiences with writing, editing and publishing are a requirement for any English major, and they give key opportunities for development and leadership. Upperclassmen have the additional option to lead these publications as editors-in-chief.


ONU's literary journal, Polaris: Journal of Literature and the Arts, publishes selected student submissions, including works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art. It is offered as a practicum class as well, so students can receive credit while working on the magazine. Dr. Jennifer Moore, assistant professor of creative writing, advises this publication, and Rachel Cruea, a senior creative writing major from Findlay, Ohio, is this year's editor-in-chief. Kelley Lewis and Marisa Lucas will be serving as co-editors-in-chief for the coming school year.

English Department newsletter

The visual, interactive newsletter DIALOGUE highlights the happenings of ONU's Department of English. By the end of the year, students will be capable of taking high-quality photographs, writing intriguing articles, and proficently using Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign. Dr. Druann Bauer, associate professor of English, advises this publication. Richard Deubler serves as editor-in-chief for the 2016-17 edition, which is currently in the process of being printed and published.

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