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Areas of Study

A course of study in English is a challenging and rewarding experience. In addition to offering a background in various topics including literature, language, and professional and creative writing, an English degree provides students with the critical-thinking and rhetorical skills necessary for success. No matter your ultimate career path, the ability to communicate clearly is invaluable.

Ohio Northern's English graduates can become successful teachers, writers, editors and business professionals. Additionally, English is an excellent preparation for advanced degrees, including law, business and, of course, literature and creative writing. However, the versatility of an English degree provides graduates the opportunity to choose from a large variety of careers to discover whichever one best matches his/her passion. For more information about each program, use the "In this Section" menu.

Creative Writing (Major, minor)

Creative writing combines liberal-arts studies with a focus on creative expression (fiction, poetry, plays and screenplays) to enable students to develop their creative and intellectual capabilities to prepare for a variety of professional employment opportunities.

Professional Writing (Major, minor)

Professional writing offers a practical option for those interested in a career of English. This versatile major trains students to work as writers and editors in a variety of professional settings. 

Literature (Major, minor)

The literature focus is designed to prepare majors for professional life and graduate school by combining a solid preparation in literature, critical theory and language, with opportunities for real-world experience.

Language Arts Education (Major)

Language arts education prepares students for teaching English grades 7-12, is part of the Center for Teacher Education and is certified by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), a national accrediting body for schools, colleges and departments of education.