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Areas of Study

Earning a degree in English is a rigorous yet fervently rewarding experience. In addition to offering a background in various topics such as writing, literature, and education, an English degree will provide you with the critical thinking and rhetorical skills necessary for success in a multitude of fields. Ohio Northern's English graduates have become successful teachers, writers, editors, and business professionals. Additionally, English is an excellent preparation for advanced degrees, including law, business, literature, and creative writing. The versatility of an English degree will give you the opportunity to choose from a large variety of careers in order to discover the one that best matches your passions.

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The English department at ONU offers two different majors in the field of writing: creative writing and professional writing. Both can be taken as a major and a minor, and both are commonly declared as minors by students in other fields.

Creative Writing | Professional Writing


Students interested in studying literature at ONU can choose to major or minor in literature or minor in medical humanities.

Literature | Medical Humanities


Together, the English and education departments at ONU have developed the language arts education major, which combines the essentials of both an education and literature degree.

Language Arts Education

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