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Alumni & Student Success


The English department still remembers those who have graduated from ONU and keeps records of where some of the alumni are today. Alumni still visit the school and participate in various ONU activities. ONU also works to help graduating students find jobs following their college experiences.

English Department Organizations

ONU has an abundance of organizations that help students build their résumés and their skills. Organizations range from publication to news writing; there is a lot to experience at ONU. Check out these organizations here

Jobs of Alumni

Students leave ONU with skills that make them valuable in the job market. Some may think that an English major is limited to becoming a teacher, but there are so many more opportunities than that! Jobs can range from analysts to writers to copyeditors. You can see more information on the jobs of alumni here

Student Success

ONU's English students do not have to wait until graduation to find successn. Many find success as undergraduates. You can read some of their stories here.




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