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The faculty of the English Ddpartment still remember those who have graduated from ONU and keep records of where some of the alumni are today. Alumni still visit the school and partcipate in various ONU activities.

ONU works to help graduating students find jobs following their college experience. Below is a list of some of the alumni who graduated from here and the majors they succeeded in.


    Robert Allen: Major in Journalism

    Amy Brabenec: Double Major in Literature and Creative Writing

    Brittany Cowgill: Major in Language Arts Education

    Trenton Dorner: Major in Language Arts Education

    Carlie Ellis: Major in Professional Writing

    Delanie Farr: Major in Creative Writing

    Krissa Goncher: Major in Language Arts Education

    Casanova Green: Major in Language Arts Education

    Brian Hohmeier: Major in Creative Writing

    Steven Keslar: Major in Journalism


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