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About the English family

The English department is deeply committed to the students and their successes. Professors will teach valuable skills that can and will transfer to other fields. An English major is usually compatible with almost any major and holds advantages in all fields. Here in the English department, you will get to know your professors and they will get to know you. Other English students and upperclassmen will help you along your journey, so you will not be alone in your studies. Many students can attest to the knowledge and the kindness of the professors.

All of the professors will tell you that you will be as prepared or even more prepared to enter the world with an English degree from Ohio Northern University. You will get to know your fellow English majors and everyone in the English department. Whenever you walk into Dukes Memorial, you will find friendly faces.

Here in the English department, you will learn to improve your writing skills and to think more creatively and analytically. Through close interaction with written, oral and digital texts, students develop as critical thinkers and writers to become producers of knowledge.


A warm and friendly community in which students are challenged to interpret and produce texts in traditional and contemporary media.


Students and professors agree that ONU is the place to expand and sharpen your written and analytic skills. The English department is a place for you to grow academically and socially. English student Kelley Lewis says, "I love our ONU English department. Not only do I feel comfortable... it's a place where I can express my true feelings and passions. The staff here have allowed me to feel welcome and comfortable being myself."

There are many opportunities and resources at ONU for English majors. Studies in English prepare students for professional, business and teaching careers; for law school; for graduate study in English and other disciplines; and for a lifetime of continual engagement with language and literature.


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