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When completing the application for student teaching, the candidate will list three school preferences to be considered. These preferences will be honored whenever possible provided the school is within the 40-mile radius of the University and a qualified cooperating teacher is available. The student teaching experience will not take place in the student's home school.

It is the policy of the Center for Teacher Education that every teacher candidate have an up-to-date background check on file before participating in any field experience or clinical experience/student teaching. Some school districts/buildings require copies of these before a teacher/candidate can be placed within the system. It is possible that a candidate will not be placed for field experience or student teaching (and thus would not be able to complete the program) if the background check so warrants.

Student athletes are to student teach during a semester in which they are not participating in a varsity sport.

All outside employment must be approved by the Center for Teacher Education prior to student teaching.

Coursework (one course only) may be taken concurrently with student teaching provided approval is given by the director of the Center for Teacher Education. Such coursework must be scheduled in a manner that does not conflict with the student teaching assignment (after school or evenings). A coursework request form is available in the Center for Teacher Education office.

Student teachers are not reimbursed for travel expenses. Car pools are encouraged whenever possible with travel expenses to be shared by participants.

A student teacher who lives in a university residence hall may choose to waive the meal contract during the student teaching semester. The appropriate forms are available in the Office of Residence Life.

Exceptions to any of the above policies must be approved by the director of the Center for Teacher Education, who will consult with the members of the Center for Teacher Education if necessary.

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