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Education Incentive Scholarship

Dr. Patricia FreemanThe Education Incentive Scholarship was established by Dr. Patricia Freeman during the 1994-95 academic year to give financial assistance to academically qualified students from culturally diverse groups who are pursuing a degree in education. Some students apply the money towards tuition, while others use it for the purchase of books, or to defray other academic expenses.

To be competitive for the Education Incentive Scholarship, high school students entering the field of education must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Many business men and women in the Lima, Ohio, area have been major contributors to this fund. Also, Ohio Northern University faculty members have supported this worthwhile project. If you would like more information about the Education Incentive Scholarship, please contact Dr. Freeman.

Education Incentive Scholars

Taylor GutierrezTaylor Gutierrez
Sophomore early childhood education major

I chose ONU because it is close to home for me and the environment is absolutely wonderful. As an early childhood education major, I have been able to make friendships that will last a lifetime. The Education Incentive Scholarship I received has provided me with the opportunity to further my education towards my dream job. I’ve been able to have experiences and do things that I never could have done without this generous gift. I am so thankful for every opportunity this department offers, and I look forward to all the opportunities that are still to come!



Alex ChapmanAlex Chapman
Senior music education major from Westerville, Ohio

I have decided to pursue a degree in music education because I want to work in a field that I am very passionate about and know I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I am enjoying my time at Ohio Northern by being involved in the various ensembles and learning the skills necessary to become a well-rounded educator. I am very grateful for the support the department and University has provided me during my time at ONU.

I am grateful that the education department has given me the opportunity to work with experts in the field over the past four years. This real-world experience has given me the opportunity to hone my teaching skills by working with both professors and mentor teachers.

I would like to thank Dr. Freeman and the education department for awarding me the Education Incentive Scholarship. This additional support will assist me greatly as I make my transition from ONU into my student-teaching and professional career. 

Will Wilson
Class of 2017, BA, Language Arts Education                   

  • "I chose ONU because I felt comfortable with it after the first couple visits; the track team, and the prestige of the school lured me in.
  • "I have had to work hard to achieve my goals here at ONU. I believe that after my experience is over I will feel as though I earned my degree instead of just having it given to me.
  • "I would recommend ONU to anyone who is looking for a genuine college experience and a degree that carries weight in the job market."


Jaired R. BirksJaired R. Birks
Class of 2015, BM, Music Education

"Ohio Northern University has been an amazing place for me. My ambition to become a music teacher began in Cleveland Heights, my home town. There, I was extremely musically active and participated in nearly twenty different ensembles. I was looking for a school where people were humble and where I could form close musical bonds with my fellow classmates; I found that in ONU. There hasn’t been a single day when I regretted coming here, and I intend to learn every lesson I can to hone my skills and to point myself in the direction I choose. I will use this scholarship to earn my degree and to one day become an educator that inspires and instills the same virtues I am learning at Northern."

Stacey SmithStacey Smith
Class of 2004, BA, Early Childhood Education and Spanish

"I maximized [my three years of] scholarship money by using it for tuition, coursework materials and text books while pursing my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and Spanish. Since then I have spent time teaching kindergarten and first grade in Orlando, Fla., and recently returned to Ohio to teach. Teaching such diverse populations inspired me to begin a master's program in international education with the hope of encouraging federal stakeholders in education to invest in studying the framework and policies of other nation's educational institutions to close achievement gaps in the United States."

Casanova T.L. GreenCasanova T.L. Green
Class of 2010, BA, Language Arts Education

"The Center for Teacher Education at Ohio Northern University gave me an opportunity to grow as an educator and as a person. Through the close relationships and support that I gained with my professors and fellow students, challenging and relevant curriculum, and hands-on teaching experiences, I learned one valuable lesson: exemplary educators empower extraordinary future leaders.

"From the beginning, the faculty and staff supported me and my work to become an educator. They understood the unique background that I brought to the teaching field. Instead of fitting me into a mold, they taught me how to use my skills and talents to benefit today’s students. As the trends of education changed, they took care to keep me and my classmates informed and prepared. I share with people that the professors taught equity – fairness to all – by unlocking the best in all of us from the start and allowing us the grace to flourish our way.

"Because of the focused mentoring and teaching I received, I have become one of those exemplary educators who empower future leaders. Immediately after graduation, I was privileged to travel as a part of a Fulbright-Hayes Group Study Abroad trip to South Africa which included professors from the Center for Teacher Education, ONU and Bowling Green State University, local teachers and education students. There I was able to teach and share what I leaned with other educators and their students.

"Now I live my dream every day at Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School where I teach English III, Journalism and Public Speaking.

"During my time at the Center for Teacher Education, the professors, staff, and I strove to make my dream a reality. One of the endeavors that brought my dream to fruition was the Education Incentive Scholarship, which I received during the 2008-09 school year. If you want to follow your dreams and become the best teacher you can be, I encourage you to try the Center for Teacher Education at ONU."

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