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Distinctive Features

With 16 departments offering over 50 majors and concentrations, Getty College is a small school providing students with big opportunities for exploration.

Getty College’s 135 professors demand excellence because our students deserve nothing less.

Our 1,400 Getty College students encourage each other to achieve their best.

We have 111 valedictorians and salutatorians and 44 Ohio Academic Scholars as members of our college student body.

Thirty percent of our Getty College students were in the top 10 percent of their high school class, while over 50 percent were in the top 25 percent.

New undergraduates to the Getty College have a mean ACT score of 24.4.

Demand Excellence

You want more than just a degree: you want an education. In the Getty College of Arts and Sciences, you will explore many different fields, study with highly qualified and caring professors and develop as an educated person and a well trained professional in your chosen career.

Dynamic, close-knit community

As a “large” small college, the Getty College of Arts and Sciences provides a tremendous variety of programs within a warm and welcoming environment. Extensive extra- and co-curricular activities allow students to refine their talents, showcase their abilities and assume leadership roles. A truly benevolent environment, this close-knit, liberal arts community will help you find your direction and proceed on your course.

Application-centered curriculum

Getty College’s application-centered curriculum and distinctive combination of professional and liberal education gives students the edge when they compete for their first position and throughout their professions. Getty College students try out their chosen fields early in their college careers. For example, students in our Education program spend time in actual elementary, middle and high school classrooms in their very first year.

Accredited programs

Many Getty College programs have been accredited by national professional associations. These programs include but are not limited to the following.
•Athletic Training (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education)
•Chemistry (American Chemical Society)
•Clinical Laboratory Science (National Accrediting Association for Clinical Laboratory Sciences)
•Education (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education)
•Music (National Association of Schools of Music)
•Public Relations (Public Relations Society of America)
•Technological Studies (National Association of Industrial Technology)

Professional mentoring

Students in the Getty College of Arts and Sciences benefit from close, regular interaction with professionals in their disciplines. These experienced mentors come to campus to work with Getty College students, encouraging them to refine developing skills and providing insight into the real-world demands of the students’ future careers. For example, students in our English program attend workshops taught by visiting authors, while our theatre and music students share the stage with members of Actors’ Equity. Similarly, the student artists in Getty College learn from and have their work judged by artists working professionally in the studio arts.

International and domestic internships

Recognizing that students learn best when they are truly engaged in hands-on educational experiences, Getty College advocates internships to complement the classroom education. From a variety of internship programs, our students select the opportunities that best suit their curriculum and career goals. Recent Getty College student internships have included student teaching in Thessaloniki, Greece; a broadcasting internship for the NFL network in Culver City, CA; a music theatre internship at Christchurch College in New Zealand; an internship on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC; a public relations internship in New York City; and many more.

Global study

Getty College offers its students abundant opportunities for general and disciplinary-specific study around the world. Such opportunities broaden the international perspective of those who participate and provide unique opportunities for individual growth and intellectual development while cultivating a spirit of world citizenship. Getty College students have recently studied in institutions as diverse as Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea; Oxford University in Oxford, England; and l'Universite Stendhal in Grenoble, France; as well as many others. Visit the Study Abroad website.

Professors who live to teach

In the Getty College of Arts and Sciences, we hire only one kind of professor: one who lives to teach. Getty College professors have a passion for teaching. Whether it’s meeting with students outside of class hours, writing outstanding letters of recommendation, engaging in joint research with students or seeking out high-quality internship and research experiences for students, Getty College professors go the extra distance to help you succeed!

Faculty-fostered student research

The Getty College faculty are truly excited by their disciplines and eager to share that passion with their students; they often engage students in their personal research before encouraging students to pursue research topics of their own. These students, fostered by caring professors, delve deeply into exciting and esoteric subjects and frequently present their results at regional and national scholarly and professional conferences. Check out some of the recent research by our faculty and students.

Award-winning student scholarship

Here in the Getty College of Arts and Sciences we are extremely proud of our award-winning student scholars. Found in disciplines from across the curriculum, these teams and individuals exemplify the best qualities of Getty College students: intelligence, diligence, focus and a passion for learning. When such students are educated within the Getty College’s nurturing environment, the results are impressive: several Goldwater scholars for excellence in mathematics or science, the public relations award for best undergraduate college writer worldwide, prizewinning student research presented at the Joint National AMS-MAA Meetings, numerous student research publications, gold and silver medals awarded at the National Robotics Challenge, award-winning student art and more.


Dotting our beautiful campus, the buildings of the Getty College of Arts and Sciences embody the history and scope of Ohio Northern University.

Education, humanities, social sciences and music disciplines are located at the front of campus in fine examples of historic Northern architecture: stately Dukes Memorial, where the Dean's Office is housed; Hill Memorial, with its distinctive clock tower; and Presser Hall, whose auditorium is graced with red velvet seats and jewel-toned stained glass windows. Like all of campus, these traditional facilities are equipped with wireless access and up-to-date instructional technology.

Our impressive state-of-the-art science facilities in the Meyer Hall of Science and newly constructed Mathile Center for the Natural Sciences include a new mathematics tutoring center, recently renovated chemistry laboratories and both a plasma and an optics laboratory. Our greenhouse houses an amazing variety of plant life, which students can further explore in the Metzger Nature Center and the Wetlands Restoration Project. Technological studies students discover machining, CAD, robotics, virtual simulation and more in the laboratory spaces of Taft Memorial. Getty students exercise, train and rehabilitate their bodies in the expansive King Horn Sports Center, with its indoor pool, courts, track, dance studios and weight, exercise and therapy rooms.

Located near the center of campus and connected to Northern's English Chapel, Burgett Pavilion is a modern structure housing the traditional disciplines of philosophy and religion. Students create art in the studios of the Wilson Art Building and display it in the adjoining Elzay Gallery of Art. Finally, the regionally-renown Freed Center for the Performing Arts is home to Northern's cable television (Cable 3) and radio (WONB-FM) stations as well as the intimate Stanbough Studio Theatre and the gorgeous 550-seat Biggs Theatre.