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Learning Outcomes

Biology, Environmental Studies, Forensic Biology, & Molecular Biology

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Competently use the scientific method in solving a biological question
  2.  Demonstrate mastery of the most common and important biological concepts, principles and skills
  3.  Effectively communicate scientific concepts in written and(or) oral format


Medical Laboratory Science

Upon completion of the prescribed course of study, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate entry level competencies necessary to perform the full range of clinical laboratory tests in areas such as Clinical Chemistry, Hematology/Hemostasis, Immunology, Immunohematology/Transfusion Medicine, Microbiology, Urine and Body Fluid Analysis and Laboratory Operations, and other emerging diagnostics.
  2. Develop and evaluate test systems and interpretive algorithms.
  3. Assume responsibilities in clinical decision-making, regulatory compliance, education, and quality assurance/performance improvement in clinical and research laboratories.
  4. Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills in:
    1. Application of safety and governmental regulations and standards as applied to clinical laboratory science
    2. Principles and practices of professional conduct and the significance of continuing professional development
    3. Communications sufficient to serve the needs of patients, the public and members of the health care team
    4. Principles and practices of administration and supervision as applied to clinical laboratory science
    5. Education methodologies and terminology sufficient to train/educate users and providers of laboratory services
    6. Principles and practices of clinical study design, implementation and dissemination of results

(Adapted from the NAACLS Standards of Accredited and Approved Programs “Description of Entry Level Competencies of the Medical Laboratory Scientist,” 11/2014.).

Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences

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