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Student Life in the Department of Art & Design

Student Organizations
Student organizations in the department of art & design provide students professional, educational and social activities through the university community. Organization leaders and members play an important role in planning their activities and in contributing to the vitality of the department community. Student participation in organizations fosters networking while in college and after graduation.

Kappa Pi Honorary
The art & design department’s honorary is Kappa Pi. All art and design majors are eligible for membership based on the following requirements: at least 12 credit hours of art and design courses, a minimum 3.00 GPA in art and design courses and a minimum 2.5 overall GPA. Membership is by invitation only. Kappa Pi organizes many activities throughout the year such as the annual art sale, weekend museum trip, and the Honors Day initiation and picnic.

AIGA/The Professional Association for Design
The ONU student chapter of AIGA is a pre-professional group for students interested in design. AIGA’s purpose is to further excellence in design as a strategic tool for business and a cultural force. AIGA is committed to stimulating thinking about design through the exchange of ideas and information, and encourage education and ethical practice. Student leaders have organized field trips to museums and galleries, sponsored gallery openings, software workshops, and resume and portfolio workshops, attended career fairs and conferences, and coordinated guest speakers and design projects.

See “Ohio Northern design students attend conference highlighting design’s critical role in revitalizing business.”

The A&D Student Admissions Committee
The organization is a selected group of students interested in assisting the department in admission programs. The committee conducts department visits, communication inquiries and other admission activities throughout the year.

Student Art League
The SAL is open to any student at Ohio Northern with interests in art and design. The SAL’s intent is to further the students’ art education outside the classroom. Students plan social gatherings, visit artists’ studios, art galleries and museums, field trips, the film series, and guest artist visits for the department. The organization also offers exhibit opportunities and critiques of work.

National Art Education Association
The NAEA chapter provides students a transition from art education preparation to professional practice; raises and maintains a high standard of quality art education of campus and in the community; gains greater insight and perspective about the teaching of art and contemporary concepts in art education; sponsors service projects such as exhibits, field trips, speakers, etc.; promotes an exchange of ideas in art education; and advocates as a career both art education and other areas of art.

Field Trips

An essential and perhaps most cost effective part of study as an art and design student are the field trips taken to major art centers. Each quarter, various professors organize and require trips to area museums, galleries, architectural sites, conferences, and many other places.

Any student may go on these trips, provided there is space available. The Kappa Pi honorary recently has been to Cleveland, Pittsburg and Chicago. The ONU student chapter of the AIGA/The Professional Association for Design has been to Vancouver, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Columbus and Cleveland. The department sponsors additional field trips to nearby art centers in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. Attending gallery hop in Columbus has been a department tradition. These trips can be a primary, direct contact with artists and their work.

Students are encouraged to take all possible advantage of school organized field trips to larger art centers. These field trips are unequaled in educational value. Nothing students can do will offer more inspiration, expanded awareness of art, and real contact with the vitality of the world art community.

Department of Art & Design

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