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Internships and Externships

Internships are an integral part of our educational program. They give students the opportunity to affirm career goals and gain experience in a chosen field while making invaluable connections in the profession.

All students in the BFA degree program, regardless of major, are required to participate in the internship program. For art education majors, 15 credit hours of student teaching are required for licensure. Studio arts majors must complete between one and three credits of an internship, externship or study abroad. In special occasions, domestic study in an approved program also may fulfill this requirement. For design majors, students are required to complete three credit hours of an internship in a graphic or advertising design setting, either during a summer or regular academic term.

Typical sites for students include design firms, public relations firms, advertising firms, museums and arts organizations. Some internships are paid experiences that help offset expenses and college costs, while other internships lead to freelance work or full-time employment. Students at Ohio Northern are offered a number of possible experiences with great organizations across the globe. A complete list of approved internship sites, externship opportunities, study abroad sites and domestic study sites is on file in the department office.

A&D Internship Brochure/Student Handbook
AIGA’s Guide to Internships
AIGA|The Professional Association for Design
University of Dreams
Campus Career Center
Magazine Publishers of America
Rising Star Internships

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Programs
Washington Intern Student Housing

Student Eligibility
To participate, design and studio art majors must have a junior or senior
status and have department approval. The education department helps place art
education students in student teaching positions. The length of a full-time
internship is one term, with students participating during fall, spring or
summer semesters. Interns spend a maximum of 40 hours per week participating
in internship activities during the 15–16 weeks.

Getting Ready
Review the Intern and Internships: Work in Progress brochure from the student handbook.
It contains information about interviews, portfolios, timing and other relevant topics.
Then, complete and return the “request for an internship” form and/or the
“internship position description” form, along with relevant company literature,
to the department at least one semester before the internship begins. If the
site is approved, the internship coordinator will obtain department chair
approval regarding the position and site.

During the Internship
A site supervisor provides students with the educational experience. By
providing supervision, the supervisor can help the intern clarify duties and
provide professional feedback. All interns participate in mid-term and final
performance evaluations. These evaluations are mailed to the faculty advisor.
Students may also host an onsite visit for the faculty advisor.

A final paper, weekly logs, supervisor’s evaluations, a portfolio and a presentation
are given to the department.

Grading Content
The final letter grade is assigned by the faculty advisor based on portfolio
reviews, conference reviews, a formal presentation, written reports from the
intern and two evaluations from the site supervisor.

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