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Independent Study

The Independent Study in Art (ART 4981) and Design (DSGN 4981) courses are designed for advanced study or research in a particular area, for in-depth investigation on a specific problem or technique, or to complete a special project. Independent study courses are not intended to replace catalog courses. Before enrolling in an independent study class, the student must have sufficient background in the area involved to plan and successfully complete an advanced project in that area.

In addition, the student must have the ability to work independently, be self-motivated and be highly disciplined. Normally, the student must have completed course work at the advanced level in the chosen area of study. Prior to signing a course request for ART/DSGN 4981, the faculty member requires a written proposal for the intended independent study, endorsed by the chair of the department.

Students are urged to submit such proposals well in advance because extensive revisions may be required. Such proposals must be complete, clearly outlining the "class," the methodology, the formal objectives of the study, etc. No vague or incomplete proposals will be approved. Preliminary planning should be completed prior to the submission of any proposal.

Independent Study Course Signup Procedure

  • Contact the faculty member who will supervise the study.
  • After discussing the study with this faculty member, complete the Independent Study Form Agreement, which is available in the department office.
  • Secure the necessary signatures and return the form to the department office.
  • Content, due dates, evaluation/critiques, meeting times, etc. must be arranged between the student and the supervising faculty member.
  • The supervising faculty member is solely responsible for the final evaluation and for the assignment of the final grade.
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