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Educational Services

Numerous opportunities exist for students to enhance their educational experiences while at ONU. In addition to informal ways of obtaining support, such as day-to-day contact with faculty members and peers, students can take advantage of more established channels of communication and services.

Academic Advising and Registration
Each student in the department of art and design is assigned an advisor upon declaration as a major. Generally, this advisor teaches in the area of the student's concentration. The chair assigns the advisors and attempts to have faculty advise approximately the same number of students.

Registration packets are obtained in the art and design office during the pre-registration period. The packets contain a registration form, contact information, an appointment sheet (indicating the date and time the student is scheduled to register) and a course schedule.

Students should schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor to discuss course selections. Although advisors meet with students to discuss schedule options, students are ultimately responsible for course selections and progress through the program. The University catalog contains information on University, college and departmental requirements.

Students should complete the general education components as early in the program as possible while maintaining a good balance of art and design courses and a reasonable course load. Following these guidelines from the start of the program allows the junior and senior years to be used for a greater number of courses in the major and easier enrollment into these courses.

Academic Advising
All art and design majors are assigned a faculty advisor. These advisors help students choose classes appropriate to degree programs, assist in planning the forthcoming quarter's schedule, discuss progress toward meeting academic requirements, guide students toward career and personal goals and offer advice in preparing portfolios.

The department has four academic advisors. During the 2013–14 academic year, the advisors are:

  • Professor Brit Rowe advises BFA and BA candidates in graphic design and advertising design.

  • Professor Melissa Eddings advises BFA and BA candidates in studio arts (printmaking, painting and illustration) and BA candidates in design.

  • Professor William Mancuso advises BFA and BA candidates in studio arts (drawing, painting, art history, and museum studies) and BA candidates in art education.

  • Professor Luke Sheets advises BFA and BA candidates in studio arts (ceramics, sculpture, metals, installation).

Students should consult with their primary studio advisors regarding the BA/BFA application, the work-in-progress shows, the senior thesis exhibition, submitting work to the annual juried student exhibition and enrolling in elective classes. The primary studio advisor also acts as a member of the faculty to whom students can consult regarding personal, graduate school and other academic problems.

Tutoring Services

The Getty College of Arts & Sciences offers tutoring services for degree students who need help with academic subjects. The tutors provide assistance at posted times. They help students with study skills, note taking and exam preparation. The department of art and design offers tutors for art history and art appreciation courses.

Career Services
Located in the Lehr-Kennedy house, the office of career services integrates services for ONU students from undergraduate through graduation and into the working years. The office houses a career resources library to assist students in defining their values, interests and abilities at any stage of college life. Provided services include academic advising, academic testing, career counseling, internship programs, career development, interview preparation, and résumé and cover letter reviews.

Counseling Services
The Counseling Center staff helps students cope with personal problems that could impede successful academic performance, helps students identify meaningful career goals though vocational and academic assessment and counseling, and helps students deal with emotional crisis.

The Counseling Center is a place where students can come to share personal concerns. College years are years of growth, of change and of major transitions in life that often bring with them problems that are not easily or quickly settled. These are years when students may find themselves confronted with very real questions about self, about relationships with other people and about plans for the future.

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