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Career Planning

Bear Career Tracks PublicationWhat A&D student doesn’t hope to find a great job upon graduation? There are many choices with various educational levels, interests and skills.

The department of art & design, the Getty College of Arts & Sciences, and Ohio Northern University’s Career Services Office provide a wide range of programs and resources for students. ONU is dedicated to providing effective career tools that help prepare and empower students to a make a successful transition from studying with a distinguished and creative faculty to applying their knowledge and skills to a professional practice.

Overview: Career Development
First year—investigate it!
• identify personal interests, skills and values.
• select an academic degree program related to your self-assessment.
• develop tentative short- and long-range goals.
• research various occupations.

Second year—experience it!
• review, revise, reaffirm your academic program.
• discuss career educational plans with others.
• explore career-related activities.
• research various job markets.

Third year—plan it!
• study career opportunities in depth.
• attend career-related events.
• consider options for post-graduate education.
• obtain career-related experience.
• make personal contacts in the business/professional world.
• register for graduating student’s career services with the Office of Career Services.

Fourth year—do it!
• be prepared to discuss skills and abilities you have developed.
• apply for and take examinations.
• conduct your job search.
• complete applications for graduate/professional school.
• participate in job fairs.

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