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The Petrillo Family Establishes Art Award

Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Petrillo of Elyria Ohio, established the Shelley C. Petrillo Scholarship in 1984 in memory of their daughter, Shelley. The scholarship first was awarded in 1985 with preference given to a junior student majoring in art. Today, the scholarship supports awards for a junior and a senior student majoring in the department of art & design.

Shelley C. Petrillo attended Ohio Northern, majoring in art, from 1967-71. Shelley may be especially remembered for her singing and playing of the guitar. She passed away in 1980.

image: Pictured from left to right are Mr. Petrillo; Prof. Jim DeVore, chairman of the department of art; Mrs. Petrillo, and Prof. John West, professor of art, at the presentation of the scholarship.


Recipients of the Shelley C. Petrillo Scholarship
1985-86            Luci Dimicle
1986-87            Theresa Howmen
1987-88            Kim Miller
1988-89            Dora Bechtel
1989-90            Dianne Fowler
1990-91            Christopher Doner & Valerie Ringel
1991-92            Christopher Doner
1992-93            Jonathan Denny
1993-94            H. Luke Sheets and Robert Sumner
1994-95            H. Luke Sheets
1995-96            Shannon Burns and Rachel Scheffel
1996-97            David Houghton and Rachel Scheffel
1997-98            David Houghton and Amy Zoldesy
1998-99            Amy Zoldesy and Sarah Bishop
1999-00            Sarah Bishop and Laura Morris
2000-01            Laura Morris and Melissa Swabb
2001-02            Nathan Andrews and Amy Meyer
2002-03            Tara Anderson and Laura Godfrey
2003-04            Heather Gaghan and Amanda Lake
2004-05            Heather Gaghan and Joey-Lynn Hall
2005-06            Joey-Lynn Hall
2006-07            Andrew Steingass and Stephanie Rader
2007-08            Stephanie Rader, Margaret Schmidt and Emily Jay
2008-09            Emily Jay and Bethany Schreck
2009-10            Rachel Pioch, Bethany Schreck and Fredrick Frances III
2010-11            Kelsey Kleine and Danielle Castelan
2011-12            Rebecca Krofcheck and Kevin Drain
2012-13            Lauren Hector and Brittany Lang
2013–14            Caitlyn Busch and Lauren Hector
2014-15            Elizabeth Tremains and Emily Kleine

Department of Art & Design

Ann Hood

Wilson Art Building
525 South Main Street
Ada, Ohio 45810
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Wednesday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Thursday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
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