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Lump Lipshitz

Lump LipshitzBill Thelen (Lump Lipshitz) is an alumnus of the studio art graduate program at UNC–Chapel Hill, having received his MFA in 2000. He is currently the gallery director at LUMP Gallery/Project of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. This is an artist-run organization, devoted to non–commercial contemporary art, and is designed to feature cutting–edge emerging artists and their experimental attitudes of alternative spaces. Lump is dedicated to exhibiting the most thought-provoking, contemporary art available.

Team Lump is an ever–evolving group of artists that gather around Lump gallery/projects. Each artist in the group shares a fresh approach towards crafting their individual style while still functioning as a cohesive unit.

In his own work, Thelen uses installation including: paintings, drawings, sculpture, wall drawings and videos to address spaces and their potential and/or actual experiences. Much of his work explores chaotic nature and expresses a desire to sort through its flow of excess material to penetrate the era’s jumbled streams of thought.

Thelen has recently been participating in several exhibitions, one major exhibition was the loom3/Labeler show in Pittsboro, NC May 22–29, 2004. Other exhibitions include New Work at the Rebus Gallery in Raleigh, NC in 2004 and the Mini-Skirt at the Allston Skirt Gallery in Boston, MA.

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