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Japan Campers Present their Final Projects

The Japan Camp students were tasked with creating posters illustrating some feature of Japanese culture that has traveled across the Pacific to influence American Culture. The posters were then printed using the new machine that Professor Jimmy Wilson, in cooperation with Professor Ferguson of the Marketing Department, bought using an ONU Technology grant.

Presentations included: Zerlina Bartholomew - Haiku, Kristen Ellis - Japanese Gardens, Karen Fullin - Sushi and California Rolls, Kenzo Barlow - Ninjas, Sarah Middleton - Japanese Popular Music, Emily Hughes - Visual Kei, Zephram Wolf - Samurai Weapons, Emma Altmeyer - Baseball, Kate Schudel - Origami, James Miller - Japanese Cars, Kelsey Morgan - Japanese Fashion, and Jenny Wallisch - Anime.

The posters and the presentations were excellent and the students should be justifiably proud of the hard work that they put in to create these. To watch the presentations, click here. You can enlarge the video window by clicking on the icon beneath the picture. Thumbnail photos of the slides can be found below in the order that they appear on the streaming video.

This concluded the Japanese History part of the camp, and student's presentations for their language class are also available in streaming video here. The camp concluded with a banquet, which can be watched here (not great video and audio). On Saturday, the campers, after a few tears and many hugs, left for home.

It was a great time for all camp personnel and we enjoyed having such a great bunch of students here!