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U.S. - Japan Camp Underway

Twelve high school students drawn from coast to coast have been studying the Japanese language and culture at ONU for the past week. Gathered for a photo with the statue of ONU founder Henry Solomon Lehr are (seated on the groud L-R) Satomi Wise - Japanese Language Instructor, Emily Hughes (Warren, OH), James Miller (Cleveland, OH), Karen Fullin (Westerville, OH), Jenny Wallisch (Pittsburgh, PA), and Zephram Wolf (Passadena, CA). Seated on the bottom of the statue base (L-R)are Program Aide Eriko Shirasu, Kate Schudel (Lorraine, OH), Zerlina Bartholomew (Frankfort, KY), and Emma Altmeyer (Pittsburgh, PA). Standing and seated in the third row (L-R) Kelsey Morgan (Avon, OH), Kristen Ellis (Westerville, OH), Kelly Morman - Program Assistant, and Professor Rob Alexander - Camp Director. Standing to the left of the statue (L-R) Professor Russ Crawford - Japanese history instructor, Matt Wiseman - Program Assistant, and Sarah Middelton ( Westerville, OH). Standing on the right side of the statue (L-R) Kenzo Barlow (Fairfax, VA), and Veronica Fetsko - Program Assistant.

In addition to their coursework, students have participated in a number of activities that have worked to bring them closer to Japanese culture. These include: origami night, sushi and rice ball making, mochi night, chopsticks etiquette, calligraphy, and karaoke. Students also spent time at a Japanese art exhibit, an Asian Market, and an Asian restaurant. An added benefit of the camp has been the students’ interaction with Japanese students from the Sakae program. They have participated in several activities with the American students including a great game of badminton at Dr. Alexanders as well as several rounds of “ghost in the graveyard!” The camp has received funding through a grant from Honda of Marysville which has worked to make the camp more affordable to students with an interest in Japanese language and culture.