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Studia Socialia Americae holds its Winter Meeting

SSA members braved the snow Tuesday night and met at Dr. Crawford's home for their Winter Meeting. Ashley Reiff, who is currently student teaching shared her experiences with the group, who will soon be going out into the field themselves. We also discussed the Ohio Council for the Social Studies Annual Meeting that will be held in Worthington, OH on March 27th. Matt Fox, Brian Hoefel, and Aaron Stiger will be presenting, along with Crawford at this meeting. The group also discussed finding jobs and other teaching concerns. Sophie Crawford provided the dinner of tortilla soup with bite-size quiches as starters, and dessert was a gallette de roi, or king cake, a traditional French treat that is eaten after the start of the new year.

Pictured are (left side, front to back) Aaron Stiger, Brian Hoefel, and Ben Kretz. (right side front to back) Vice President Joy Kessler, Ashley Reiff, and President Matt Fox.

SSA Members