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Social Studies Students to Nature Center for Teacher Licensure Orientation

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eleven students and Dr. Crawford went off to the Metzger Nature Center for Teacher Licensure Orientation last weekend. While there, they watched the documentary Harvard beats Yale 29-29, and discussed how sports can be used to teach the Social Studies. On Sunday, the students presented lesson plans that they made to accomplish that goal, and all did a great job! Another purpose of the weekend was to familiarize Social Studies candidates with the Ten Themes of the National Council for the Social Studies. Dr. Crawford also went over the requirements of the Center for Teacher Education and discussed opportunities and challenges that students will face as they make the transition from student to teacher.

As always, the food, supplied by Nature Center caretakers Wayne and Carol King was first rate, and the class traveled to a local mall to forestall cabin fever. It was a fun and productive weekend!

Pictured above are (L-R) Kevin Obarski, Scott Russell, Dustin Scott, Dr. Crawford, Lawren Neeley, Ben Buehler, Amarilla Fair, Jasmine Goldsmith, Annie Hertzler, Aaron Craft, Michael King (back), and Sadie Wiley (front).