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Phi Beta Delta Talk: Professor Crawford on Teaching Abroad in China

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dr. Crawford told attendees of the experiences that he and his wife Sophie enjoyed while he was teaching a course for the United Studies Abroad Consortium in Chengdu China last summer.

Crawford told students and faculty about the geography, climate, and the people of Chengdu. He also addressed the penetration of Western, particularly American, culture in China. Along with his remarks, he also showed students photos that he and Sophie took while there. They both viewed the trip as a chance of a lifetime to live in China for five weeks. While there, they enjoyed the very spicy food from Sichuan Province, and saw the sights in Chengdu, as well as taking trips into the countryside and to the first imperial capital of Xian, where they were fortunate to see the famed terracotta warriors.

Crawford also urged both faculty and students to take advantage of opportunities to teach or study abroad. These sort of opportunities provide experiences that will often be life-changing. The opportunity to live in another culture expands one's mental horizons, and incidentally looks good on a student's resume.