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Professor Wilson Tells Marketing Students about GIS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dr. Jimmy Wilson addressed a large audience of Marketing and Geography students in the Dicke Forum Wednesday night. He told them of the ways that Geographic Information Systems can be used to make their marketing efforts more effective. He also discussed his recent efforts to aid the Admissions Department in recruiting efforts and also about research that he and students have accomplished in the past few years.

Wilson kept the audience involved in his presentation by asking for volunteers to help demonstrate the use of his GIS software. He had volunteers demonstrate how GIS software could help analyze data to give users as narrow a focus on states, counties, communities, and neighborhoods to track demographic and purchasing patterns, among others.

These tools can make marketing, whether of a new soft drink, or a university more efficient. The crowd had several questions for Wilson, and in general were open to the information that they were being exposed to.